Thursday, November 10, 2011


Monica: I went to my coworker's house to help her organize her papers and while we were sorting papers into piles, I looked out her back window and saw a beautiful buck grazing beneath the apple tree in her backyard. My coworker was surprised as the yard was fenced and the deer had to navigate through a narrow side yard to get to the back. I grabbed my camera and started shooting. I saw another pair of antlers turn the corner. Then there were TWO bucks grazing in the back yard. It felt like a renaissance-era painting of the Garden of Eden with the apple tree and the grazing bucks and singing birds in the branches above. 

Evelyn: Late days for me and I barely get home with the energy to figure out meals. Justin was pleased I had half a sub in hand, as he is quickly consuming things around the house. I couldn't help but to capture his ravenous energy at 9:30 at night, making things disappear within just a few chomps.

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