Friday, November 4, 2011

The Little Comforts of Home

Monica: I took the time today to gather some bits of color from the garden to place on the dining room table: a calendula flower, a couple of chive blossoms, and a twig from one of the plum trees on the property. The year is nearing its end and I've been in a contemplative mood, thinking about what I want in my life and what I want to let go of. I am gathering my energy, going within, slowing down for winter.

Evelyn: I have this great fence around out courtyard. It is slated to be removed and rebuilt, with fresh clean wood and new hinges. However, there is something lovely about how decrepit it is, with rusting nails, rotting wood, and how all kinds of creatures are making homes between the slats. One afternoon we watched birds move in and out of the panels and eat worms and insects. At night, when we push open the gate all kinds of nightlife moves around. I like that it reminds me of rotting trees in the forest, becoming home to other things, returning to the dust it was born of.

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