Thursday, December 1, 2011

Flickers of Gold

Evelyn: I am discovering all kinds of friendly, small, homegrown places to eat around town. The kinds of places you pass, and never think twice, yet all the locals gather to drink, eat, and be friendly. There is a little Thai place near my once-a-month, two-room Lindy-East Coast & West Coast Swing Dance hall,  where the owner roasts her own spices, and everything is fresh, crisp, and tasty. The place is decorated in a contentedly colorful way, and the booths a cozy mix of cheap vinyl and delicate dishes. On the ledges are dozens of Asian dolls, and before I run off to swing, I snap away at the bright dancing ladies.

Monica: It was fortuitous that we got to drive through northern California at this time of year, when the trees were dressed in their most stunning fall colors. The cherry tree in the driveway is sporting a mop of bright yellow leaves. I had been eyeing it all day, telling myself I needed to capture some photos before the light disappeared. I made it barely in time as the the sun sank below the pine trees that line our driveway.

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