Saturday, December 3, 2011

Hometown Thoughts

Evelyn: A lot of driving today, and photo-op's along all kinds of country roads. Amidst the drive to Orlando from Clearwater to clients I found a field with cows lit by the sun. They got skittish when I approached, my camera in hand. Instead I got caught up by the dry warm grasses and rusted chain of the farm gate. Interesting the things you appreciate in your home town when it isn't your hometown anymore.

Monica: Once you decide to leave a place, everything changes. This place called "home" now becomes the place you are leaving behind. It's a little heartbreaking, seeing the world through leaving eyes, saying goodbye to the little things you love: the walk down to the sea that you've made through all seasons, the way the winter light kisses the Farmhouse in the late afternoon, the wild turkeys pecking their way across the lower meadow, the black-eyed susan vine that greets you with her neon flowers when you come home from the grocery store, the caw of ravens in the orchard. You tell yourself that change is inevitable; you must let go of all that you loved here so you can step forward and embrace the unknown beauty that is to come. 

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