Sunday, December 11, 2011

Flags & Flagships

Evelyn: Papito and I discovered an industrial area near Lake Dora with a fort built by kids out of junk. My brother-in-law, Michael, would certainly appreciate the creativity with plastic bag flags, and little niches. Reminded me of a pirate ship blown to land from a storm. Of course, we had to take Jag pictures, but this one was really fun - piping jutting out from the pile, like a fish line, bouncing in the wind. (Pito, we need to take a Jag crawl on a Horizontal day so I get better pictures!)

Monica: Every Sunday at noon, this group of men gathers with their assortment of flags on the east side of Highway 1 in Caspar. Their flags cover a broad political spectrum from the black & white POW/MIA flag to the rainbow LGBT flag. I see their weekly gathering as a demonstration of unity and peace. We usually pass them on our way back from Sunday brunch in Little River and we always honk and flash them the peace sign as we drive past.

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