Monday, December 19, 2011

A Little Green

Evelyn: This is my little Purple Waffle Angel plant. I spent my day doing my best to tie up the loose ends at work before I leave for CA, and realized I hadn't taken any photos. There are days that run by too quickly, and I am desperate to find something of interest, if only to get that photo in. Little Waffle called to me. It has been patient with the move, has died and come back to life. It's plants like this that I most appreciate—because they tolerate my neglect and grey thumb in the throes of a busy life, and still manage to smile at me every day.

Monica: Forgive me if you've seen this image before. It's the view off my back deck, looking towards the driveway and the tall pines that live at the bottom of the hill. I had to photograph something and this is a view I have photographed often. I love stepping out onto the back deck in the evening before sunset and catching the light filtering through the trees. I love it so much, it breaks my heart to say goodbye. Only a few days left in the year and a few days left of this view. 

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