Friday, December 23, 2011

Wishes and Warm Patches

Evelyn: I forgot how Gizmo seeks out warm patches of light in the colder winter months. One of the largest areas of sunlight happens to be taken up by the Christmas Tree, and mom reports that Gizmo has occasionally messed up her Pesebre (Nativity scene) to sleep in a well-lit patch. This lightand his contented facebring out some of his most handsome qualities and I am enjoying having him around every day. I have missed him something terrible.

Monica: We're back to a nearly empty house that will be home for only a few more days. We're down to our suitcases and a few other necessities, plus a few items we forgot to pack or intentionally left out. One thing we left out was our Wish Jar, a large mason jar that I made to hold our wishes, dreams, hopes, prayers, and desires. We've begun a new tradition where on New Year's Eve, we take out the old wishes and burn them in the fire, clearing the Wish Jar for a new year of wishes.

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