Thursday, December 22, 2011

Favorite Things

Evelyn: I am tempted to snap the 12 days of Gizmo, a certain lap dog who enjoys being up high with us people. He can keep an eye on things, determine if we are headed out for a "ride", assess what is being made in the kitchen, and attend to well deserved belly rubs.

Monica: One of my favorite things about the hotel at Wilbur Hot Springs is the veranda that wraps around three sides of the building. It reminds me of the old houses in the south where you might sit in a wicker chair sipping iced tea and chatting with friends. Right now the veranda is winterized with glass windows. When the weather warms up in spring, the windows are replaced with screens so you can sit on the porch and feel the warm breeze blow through as you sip your iced tea and chat with friends.

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