Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Motion & Rest

Monica: I can't believe how fast time passes, how it seems like only a few months ago when we first arrived in this town and felt awkward calling ourselves "locals" merely because we had an address here. Since then, we've grown into our "local" skin. We've come to know many of the faces in this community and have felt welcomed, accepted, and even valued here. It feels weird to tell people we're leaving. I know they are sincere when they tell us they will miss us because I feel the same way. We've formed symbiotic relationships with the people that ring up our groceries, do our printing, serve our food, rent us DVDs, deliver our mail, process our paychecks, etc. I will miss these faces and the pleasure of the numerous little interactions we've had over the last 2Ω years.

Evelyn: Lots of antics, teenage boys running around and doing experiments (if not on each other, it may well be a social experiment between parents and teens). It felt nice to have a few moments of quiet on the couch, feet up, twinkling Christmas lights, and the blare of late night novellas with the Colombians.

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