Saturday, December 10, 2011

I Wanna Bite

Monica: Another busy day of packing and no time to cook. Thank goodness for take-out pizza. 

Evelyn: Early morning Starbucks run - one of the first ones in what feels like weeks, if not a solid month. Outside two Mastiffs gaze at their owners, who sit under the warm morning sunshine consuming coffee and pastries, waiting for a potential treat.  I am in love with the two faces watching me walk through the parking lot. Henry (left) and Sydney (right) are affectionate (and slobbery), but sweeter than the pumpkin bread I had set down so I could take photos.


  1. Oh Evelyn, they are sooo cute. But no as cute as my Guizmo.

  2. Hello Evelyn,

    I am the owner of the Mastiffs you photographed last weekend. Although we have lots of pictures of Sydney and Henry, yours is the best one hands down. Not only do they look as winsome and eager as they really are (Sydney is even showing you her "elephant ears"!), but you captured them in their favorite state of being -- going for a ride! Would it be possible for you to e-mail the photo to me? I would love to make a large print and frame it. Thank you!