Thursday, December 15, 2011

Little Buddhas

Evelyn: I got home to find Ed & Justin chattering about Skyrim and politics... both of which I struggle to follow because they make me dizzy and full of anxiety. A close friend, Ed keeps me dancing and decompressing, and it feels nice and safe to have someone on this coast to stay connected with between blowout busy-ness and round trips to Orlando.

Monica: When we first moved here, we discovered a shop down in the harbor that sells imports from southeast Asia. Tucked in a nearly hidden patch of greenery beside the store were four praying buddha statues arranged in a circle. They caught Michael's eye and he's been admiring them ever since. There's something about the peace in their faces and the beauty of the weathered stone with patches of moss growing around the base that intrigues him. Today, we brought them home with us. They're lined up outside our side door, waiting to be loaded on the moving truck and sent to their new home on a hillside at Wilbur. 

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  1. Great and meaningful purchases. They will keep you company on your new journey.
    I cannot believe my grandson, JP, is already involved in the endless net of politics. As if those people make any sense at all. But JP is the future, and I know he will not be a radical mindless full. Ed is a good influence and lots of fun to talk to. Great dancer,too!