Thursday, December 8, 2011

Stillness & Movement

Monica: We were walking around the nature preserve at Wilbur when I spotted what looked like a hummingbird perched on the window screen of an empty cabin. As we crept closer, the bird didn't move. I started taking photos as I continued to move closer and finally the noise of my camera shutter startled the little bird awake. He turned his head and I'd swear he glared at me for disturbing his nap. I was surprised he would let me get so close and I was concerned that maybe he was stuck but when I got within 6 inches of him, he took off and flew into a tree. 

Evelyn: Spring Hill is a long drive for me, especially with a quickly fading sun at a time of day where just 3 months ago I could easily take an hour walk on the beach before the sun even hinted at retreating. I have discovered new passages to Spring Hill; roads that are less stressful, with fewer signals and more stretches of nature and farm land. At night, however, it is more of a lonely road.

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