Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Navel Gazing & Conversating

Evelyn: A mess of keys gathered and awaiting a ride out to Ybor. They feel a bit like the connection made for both a celebration and a brief message of love and appreciation. I am really reveling in, and looking forward to, Tuesday nights. Eating, decompressing, conversating (yep - my word), then dancing away until yawns take over and we pull off the dancing shoes for a long ride home.

Monica: I've been procrastinating on packing, mainly because I'm avoiding the horrendous task of packing up the kitchen. Instead, I've been "researching" what I want for Christmas (a.k.a., surfing the internet) which is ironic in so many ways. I'm trying to pare down and simplify my life but somehow my desire for simplicity has morphed into an obsession with seeking gadgets I imagine will make my life simpler. The desire quickly turns into suffering, as I become overwhelmed with indecision over which gadget is best and what if I get the wrong one? I watch my monkey mind and throw up my hands. Better take a picture apropos of all the navel-gazing I've been doing today.

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