Friday, December 2, 2011


Monica: We've been home for only three days and I've been avoiding the inevitable upheaval that is about to take place in this house. Michael booked the moving truck and we have less than three weeks to sort all of our possessions and either pack them or get rid of them. I made the first move today, going through my papers and shredding a large garbage bag-full. It seems that only a few months ago we were moving in here and were living amidst a chaos of boxes and stacked furniture for nearly a month before my sister arrived to help us sort things out. It's transition time again. Not my favorite, but I know that this too, shall pass. In a few months, the chaos will have subsided and a new adventure will be beginning.

Evelyn: It's Friday. The light is gone and my belly is full. Monica chatters on the phone while packing as I, camera in hand, wander looking for a photo opportunity between questions and commentary. "Are you taking your picture?" she reprimands... the gentle click of my camera a retort, "Of course!"

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  1. My two precious daughters lives movie. It is constantly in the making, and I get to sit back and be the observer in this world where we are all the observers and the observed. What a great moment to sit and read what is going on.
    love you, both.