Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Evelyn: The last day of August, over 2 months since I put the house for sale and started the process of clearing out. It is also the first week that I am starting to see how I fit into the college, becoming part of the faculty's world, getting organized, sorting through books and technology. I was determined, however, to take a walk at the beach before going home, and managed to arrive for a spectacular sunset and an array of brief encounters in the dimming light of ocean oddities. Shells and grasses, leaves like little boats carrying foam and sand. Even a pod of dolphins, taking leaps from the water to check out the spectacle of the setting sun. My favorite, as always, are the things I capture when up close and personal: rainbows of light reflected in quickly popping bubbles settled on a small leaf in the sand.

Monica: In the midst of doing the rounds this evening, I turned the corner and there was a mess of shoes on the Farmhouse porch, the colorful cast-offs of the high school students that are staying here this week. I noted that not much has changed in the way of teenage footwear; it's still hip to wear colorful sneakers and to lace them creatively.

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