Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ceramic & Glaze

Monica: I was talking to Evelyn today about my relationship with most objects in my life. I have a need to let go of things often, things that I like which have served their purpose but I don't want to hold onto for sentimental reasons alone. I have moved so much in my life that I've learned to travel light. Many objects enter my life and are gone again within a few years' time. A few objects are useful enough, beautiful enough, and sentimental enough that I continue to carry them from one place to the next. Case in point: this ceramic mug. I bought it at the Saturday Market in Portland, OR in the first few weeks of my college freshman year. It was the first time my (now best) friend Sativa and I hung out together off campus. I remember us strolling through the market, admiring the crafts and sharing stories about ourselves. We commiserated over the challenges of maintaining a long-distance relationship with our respective boyfriends. I fell in love with this mug when I saw it—I loved the shape and colors and how it felt in my hand. I remember it was a splurge to spend the $24 on it, but I knew it would be worth it. I was right. This mug has been by my side through many all-nighters, days spent sick in bed, evenings curled up with a good book, tearful phone calls, job applications, and long conversations with friends. This mug has held innumerable coffees, teas, hot waters with lemon, herbal tinctures, and Chinese medicines. I've had this mug for nearly 20 years now. I know that someday, this object too shall pass.

Evelyn: It felt good to destroy my hands a bit more today with some art. Forget that they have been immersed in cleaning agents all day (I hate rubber gloves)—I got to toss them into pans of glaze at Practically Pikasso and schmooze with friends, sip wine, and listen to ample chatter as I played. Great day to play, rain pouring outside, and a distant sunset pushing through the windows, illuminating my work in an eerie, alien way.

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