Saturday, August 27, 2011


Evelyn: Belated but bustling. My friend Paul has celebrated two birthdays with me now, having shown up as a friend in ways I would not have expected. Especially in the last few months, he has had my back. In May he was there as I moved through the exhaustion, fear, and stress of Justin's appendicitis,  showing up each night to give me a respite from my watch, to walk and talk. He was a huge help in making the move to Clearwater, hauling, driving, cleaning, and encouraging. He shows up in ways that are thoughtful and adventurous. He came along to swing dance, cupcake "cake" in hand, to put up with dance lessons that were awkward and watch as I Charlestoned, or Swinged, or Lindy-hopped. He is deeply appreciated for being present.

Monica: In a flurry of inspiration, I spent much of the weekend making art. There was no purpose other than to play with colors, glue, and scraps of paper. The act of making art makes me more attuned to the art around me; I can appreciate the design of someone's event flyer or the beauty of some street art in an alley and be inspired.

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