Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Afternoon

Evelyn: 42 years ago today, this woman was bravely pushing me into the world and I took my sweet time (36 hours actually). We had a wonderful meal together today for my early birthday, celebrating the 2nd annual of my 40th! I am amazed at all that she is, all she has survived, all she inspires, all the ways in which she loves!

Monica: We took a Sunday drive to explore the road between Philo and Elk and discovered the Apple Farm, a sweet little "self service" farm stand in Philo. They grow a variety of organic apples and pears which they use to make juice, cider, applesauce, and chutney, all of which they sell at their stand. We bought some fruity heirloom apples and wandered around their beautiful grounds, where we discovered pigs & chickens. We also learned they have some little cabins to stay in. Best of all, they're right next to a delicious-looking swimming hole on the Navarro river. I think we found our next getaway place!

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  1. Wow....that picture makes me want to know that woman. That's great photography.