Monday, August 8, 2011


Monica: He was stretching on the floor when suddenly I had an urge to fly. I've always secretly wanted to be an acrobat. It took us both a few tries before I found my center and could let go of his hands, my hips precariously balanced on his wobbly feet. In the end, we ended up a heap on the floor, a circus of laughter.

Evelyn: My last meal at the Dandelion Cafe, what has been a Monday ritual for almost a year. I almost always order the Giddy-Up—vegan chili with organic cheese, fresh garlic-hummus, and a side of Goddess Sauce—$5 on Mondays. I will miss Ralph (he tries to keep the peppers out of my bowl) and the warm feeling I get when I sit quietly in this old house of a cafe, the cooks in hippie clothing, rogue mussy hair, and stretched earlobes, singing punk in the kitchen. I will miss the fresh artwork on the walls from yet another local artist, and the couches in the back where I held an entire 8 week course when I didn't have enough students to fill an Artist Way class at the Spiral Circle. I will miss the garden chairs, and the wishing tree, and the bright green paint of the cafe. Most of all, my yummy Giddy-up mixed with warm greetings at the door, and an earthy hug from Ralph.

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  1. I love how you and our painted bird are both flying, Monica - fun picture!! I wanna do that too - ask Michael if he will hold me up!