Friday, August 12, 2011

Sunset Views

Monica: The fog rolled in this morning and finally began to clear in the evening, not long before sunset. As I prepared our dinner of asparagus soup, I felt thankful for the warm light coming through the kitchen window. I'd felt chilled all day. Then, at dinner, another view: the silhouettes of candlesticks and binoculars against a backdrop of fading sun.

Evelyn: I managed to slam my head into my father's garage on Tuesday morning while running from the rain. This week has been a fight to feel better and get familiar with both my new job and new people, while explaining I wasn't picking fights with former wrestlers at the corner five-and-dime, or playing kick-the-can with my new neighbors. I didn't think a bump would cause so much trouble. Within 48 hours my eye was so swollen it started leaking during the day, and the persistent headache and residual whip-lash made it hard to "settle in" to my job this week. Finally, a trip to the beach after work and dinner, and I was able to park myself on the sand and chill for the sunset, seeing clearly enough that my vision wasn't smothered by heavy swollen skin for the first time since Tuesday. The cool breeze put me to sleep, along with the rhythmic tranquility of the ocean. So, this is my new life...a few bumps getting here, but all is well!

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