Saturday, August 13, 2011

Pink Ladies

Evelyn: Jamie is a goddess. She has a way with creatures and humans unlike anyone I have known. Imagine Snow White, and scenes in which all the creatures of the forest just descend upon her universe; Jamie is that. Stray cat, Oliver, a Parrot Rio, and recently Harry, the stray fancy rat who was coaxed out of the bushes by conversation alone. I don't know how she does it, but her heart glows and warms the souls of people and creatures alike. I trust her and love her, and get kisses without question whenever we hang out. The blessings in my life are profound!

Monica: August is when the pink ladies arrive, marking two years since we moved to Mendocino. Their flamboyant faces crop up in random patches along the coast, early harbingers of autumn. I am really beginning to know the seasons by the different things that grow or bloom at certain times of the year: the pink ladies in August, red cap mushrooms in October, the plum tree in December, daffodils in February, wild iris in March...It feels good to realize I've been paying attention.

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