Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sweet 16

Evelyn: My kid turned 16 today, something I remember trying to imagine when he fit into my arms and stared at me with big chocolate eyes and a mop of soft curls on his head. It seemed so far away— 16—and I couldn't imagine myself at 40 either. And here he is, walking tall, the mop of soft curls turned into a thick hippie-heap that makes most women gawk with jealousy. He is funny and smart and turning into what I hear is a true teenager... just as long as he doesn't ask to start driving, I may just survive.

Monica: Before my parents left today, we had breakfast together at the Little River Inn. After we said goodbye and watched them drive away, I trudged up the hill to our car, my heart heavy and sad. As I got in the car, I saw a patch of blooming dahlias before me, dewy and new. I grabbed my camera and felt a little better for having seen and captured a bit of their beauty. 

On another note, today is my nephew's 16th birthday. It feels like he's officially not a kid anymore—he's entering the first realms of adulthood. It seems like yesterday when I was at my sister's side, witnessing her giving birth and welcoming this new human who has since grown into an intelligent, funny, and quirky young man with a Rubix cube obsession. I see bits of my father in him, bits of my sister, and even bits of myself. I hope his journey into adulthood is filled with exciting and profound discoveries and he learns to navigate through the world with confidence and compassion. I hope he always has the courage to follow his heart and to be open to the hearts of others. Happy birthday, JP. Welcome to the world again.

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  1. Miss Evelyn,
    The picture of JP is number 1 in my photos. He is sooo handsome and a great young man. He can be a model, too.