Friday, August 26, 2011


Monica: It began with my 23rd birthday. Sativa gave me a gift in this bag and her mother suggested I sign one of the little rectangles and make a note of the occasion. Eight days later, I gave Sativa her birthday present in the bag. She signed another rectangle, noting it was her 24th birthday. And so it has gone on for 14 years, being passed back and forth on different occasions. My college graduation. Her hip surgery. Christmas. Hanukkah. New Year's. "Just because" gifts. I don't necessarily remember the specific gifts. But every time I see the bag, I smile, thinking of my dear friend and the many years of friendship between us. And if we haven't always been physically there for each other's life events, we've been there in spirit, as is evidenced by the many signed rectangles on this bag.

Evelyn: There has been a farewell every Friday since starting my new job; every one mixed as to reason, execution or implementation, and response of the team. A lot of goodbyes for the small amount of time I have had for hellos. I haven't lost confidence in my place in the organization in any way. I love the sense that we are all on the same team on behalf of student success. It is evident, I noted today, of the impact someone has had on the organization based on what you find written on the farewell card. I was pleasantly encouraged to see whole paragraphs written about our latest loss, a wonderful and talented administrative assistant, who sported an array of neon flowers, sent to her by the students of the day program. She will be missed.

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  1. The bag!! It's funny- even though it's continued for 14 years, I still experience a spontaneous burst of surprise and sheer joy each time I see it, as I forget about the bag until I see it again and all the years of our life's events comes flooding back to my memory. How wonderful!