Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bed Head

Evelyn: Pat freaks me out a little bit. She is the androgynous medical emergency patient at the college I just began working at. Every time I walk into a classroom lab, there is a bed with yet another body tossed onto it haphazardly, arms dangling and feet socked, gazing lifelessly into the atmosphere. Pat has removable Velcro parts that make him a bit of a hermaphrodite, and can feign common issues so that the Medical Assistants can practice. Not sure I can easily integrate the idea of Pat into my daily routine without some squeamish feelings, or the thought that at some moment she may burst out and laugh. Perhaps one day we will grab coffee and discuss it.

Monica: Some days are just dreary, grumpy, and frustrating. All I can do is take a photograph of what's right in front of me because I don't have the energy or patience to go out seeking beauty. And then beauty shows up anyway, in the different textures and colors that appear on the screen. Whether I try or not, it's always there. 


  1. I wonder how come one needs to wonder looking for beauty? It is always there, in front of my eyes, in the feeling of opening my eyes with the first ray of the sun pocking through my window, the musical chirping of the birds calling for new seeds in the empty bird-feeder. I am a new miracle everyday, and my job is to celebrate life, health, my needs are met. All is well if I see it as it is with joy. That is beauty.

  2. Hi,Monica! It's Terri (stayed at the farm). Absolutely love the photos you and your sister take each day! So true that one doesn't have to go far to find something interesting/beautiful to photograph.

    Missing Mendo,