Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wednesday Portraits

Evelyn: I finally got the tiger to my door. My car was beginning to smell like cat pee (seriously) and now my life is looking more familiar than it feels. Hobbes reminds me that sometimes I just need to shrug it off.  Shrug—shrug.

Monica: Today I discovered the plum trees in the kitchen garden are packed with sweet, ripe plums. Clara, her daughter Jazmin, and I collaborated to retrieve them from their impossible heights. Clara spotted the fruit and directed us to the right branch, I stood on my toes to pull the branch down, and Jazmin knocked the plums down with a stick. It reminded me of  when I was Jazmin's age, standing in the garden below the tall quenepo tree at my great aunt Leonor's house in Colombia, waiting to catch the fruit that my mother was plucking and tossing down to me from above. I was impressed with how my mom expertly scrambled up the tree, without fear. Being with my mom always has been a lesson in being brave and taking risks. I got to be her sidekick on all sorts of  adventures.  I see Jazmin has a similar relationship with her own mom.

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