Thursday, August 18, 2011


Monica: It's been a busy summer. A hectic summer. A summer that will be over all too soon. It's been weeks since I've walked down to the beach to watch the sun set and the waves roll in.  Today I convinced Michael to come with me, as our only true time off happens when we are physically away from our home, time we desperately need but haven't been able to take during this busy season. I tend to forget how revitalizing it is to breathe the salt air, bask in the golden light before dusk, and laugh with my sweetheart by my side. I'm glad I remembered today.
Evelyn: Do I look frazzled and tired? Registering a kid for high school in Florida is worse than trying to get a visa (okay, maybe not that bad....) But I need the blue form, and the red stapler, and I didn't get the TPS report, and my transcripts are too dark, and the pediatrician forgot who we were, and the Guidance Counselor can't talk to me without the yellow form, and it all looks like a conspiracy to make sure SOMEONE is making money on physicals and shots and GAS!

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