Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pito's Birthday

Monica: It's my dad's birthday today and I actually remembered to send him a birthday card a few days early so he would get it in time this year. If he were here, I'd be making him crèpes, but instead I called him to tell him I love him and thank him for sending me his inflatable kayaks so Michael and I can enjoy them on the rivers here. I thought of him today as I watched a sliver of moon creep toward the horizon at dusk. He introduced me to the wonders of the night sky when I was a kid, setting up his telescope in the yard at night and showing my sister and me winking planets and the pitted surface of the moon and showing us how to find constellations. Happy birthday, Pito...I owe you some crèpes!

Evelyn: Being his birthday, I took my dad and the boys out for a cheap date to the local Mexican Market for some of the most delicious tacos. All my pictures of my dad stuffing himself with a chili relleno were fuzzy. (They focused instead on the white whiskers near his ear...there is more to him than white whiskers.) What I know is that time spirals out faster than I can keep track, and my dad is changing (as am I) and the early morning slug that met us on our morning pee-promenade with Gizmo reminded me of the ongoing evolution and changes that occur as we move through life. (So, it was between this and a slug—and I figured my dad was cuter!)

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