Saturday, August 6, 2011

Saturday Portraits

Monica: The Point Cabrillo lighthouse gives tours of the lighthouse lens only four times a year and we happened to hear from some guests that today was one of those days. Sam paid the entrance fee and we headed up three flights of ladders to get to the top, where we had a foggy view of the coast. Poor Sam was a little anxious about being three stories up, so he held the hand grips on the outside of the lighthouse glass as we walked around the lens.

Evelyn: I am taking in the love and faces of so many friends within my P3 community. I am missing them already, knowing that a new life & routine is likely to make my connection with Orlando a bit distant. This is Tori, whose vibrancy and playfulness clicks with me endlessly. I love that I get to keep her on these weekends, housing her so that her family doesn't have to make the hour+ drive each time to get her, so that I get spoiled by the "girl sisterhood-like energy" my life is often lacking (with all these BOYS). I love her—love her energy and light—love her.

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