Thursday, September 1, 2011


Monica: I seem to have made it a habit to take photos in the late afternoon or early evening. I don't consciously choose to do this, but it makes sense; the light at dusk is phenomenal. The black-eyed susan vine growing up the face of our office is illuminated by the most exquisite fiery orange, the tiny hairs surrounding each seedpod glowing. The light changes quickly as the sun sets. This vision disappears within a minute or so.

Evelyn: Al is a favorite of mine, mostly because he has a way with people that makes them feel special, connected, significant. Al has been the bridge to my new job, staying in contact after he left IADT nearly a year ago. I feel well-placed with the team we have here and I enjoy the way we support the students. I still feel a bit intimidated by the crowdedness of a new college environment, with students who have yet to know me, and faculty/staff who are still figuring out what I am about. I can look to Al and rest assured he's got my hula-hoop and a cheer in store. No problem—I belong here.

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