Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fleeting Views

Evelyn: Feeling run down and achy, and after work went for tea and soup instead of dancing. This is the first time I have forgotten to put my memory card back into my camera, so I used the new phone instead. Not too bad. I think I miss my sister... needing a Monica infusion, STAT!

Monica: The fog threatened to roll in this morning and when it didn't, I made sure to skedaddle down to the ocean for some fresh air and sunshine. (I've learned not to take sunny days for granted here.) It was another incredible day and the sea was clear, mild, and that gorgeous multi-colored aqua and marine blue that reminds me of a tropical paradise. Taking in the view, I reminded myself that this too, shall pass. Someday, I'll be living somewhere else, doing something else, and this view will just be a memory.

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