Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Splash of Red

Monica: We drove to Oakland with Kevin and dropped him off at the hospital so he could finish up some work. He told us about Mountain View Cemetery just down the road, so we decided to check it out. I had nearly forgotten how much I enjoy spending time in cemeteries; they're peaceful and put me in a contemplative state of mind as I ponder my own mortality. This cemetery was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted (who also designed New York City's Central Park) and I was impressed with the beauty of the layout, the fountains of water, the ornate mausoleums, the rolling hills, and the spectacular view of the Bay Area from the top.

Evelyn: Late night homework. I think we are finally starting to settle into a routine, that dance between doing and getting done all the things that make up our days. I still feel a bit like days are a blur, busy and adjusting...however one thing is the same: the ongoing click of a Rubiks cube until the lights are out (after homework of course!)

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