Sunday, September 18, 2011

Other Delights

Evelyn: We have eaten SO much over two days... and a final stop before Mama left was to the Colombian Bakery where we (after a full Colombian Meal) gorged ourselves on warm Pan De Bono and Cafe Con Leche. Delightful... and if you look, you will see her hands in the reflection - eager to get them on something yummy.

Monica: I was taking a shower and left the bathroom door open to enjoy the last rays of golden sunshine streaming through the window out in the hall. The light filtering in hit the shower curtain just so, illuminating its colorful geometric shapes. I was in the middle of my shower and was going to ignore it, but as the colors intensified, I knew I had to jump out and grab my camera. It was totally worth the wet dash to the living room and back into the shower for this shot.

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