Friday, September 23, 2011

Change of Season

Monica: It's the fall equinox today. The morning air has acquired that chill crispness that I associate with falling leaves, shorter days, warm sweaters, and mugs of hot tea. Goodbye, summer. I'll miss you. 

Evelyn: Making the drive to Orlando for a long weekend break. Something about the air is changing and I expect there are small hints that fall is nearing, even though the air has been somewhat damp and heavy. It is different to be a passenger on this trip with my teen - taking back roads to Apopka so that he can practice driving. I get to see much more of the terrain when I don't drive, quite a transition.

PS. I find it interesting that Monica had a frog, as I had spent the later part of the evening in discussions about frogs: their symbolism, love for them, the transformative properties. I have such a love of frogs and the ways in which they show up in my life. They sometimes feel like GOD to me (the universe - whatever works) checking in and singing.... (Evelyn) 

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