Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hand Adventures

Monica: It was one of those perfect end-of-summer days—clear blue sky, warm sunshine, and sparkling ocean in the distance. I decided to hike the Staircase Trail up to the pygmy forest in the hopes of still catching the tail-end of huckleberry season. A few weeks ago, some guests had told me that the huckleberries were ripe for picking. I figured I'd waited too long and they'd be gone. Just into the redwood forest, I turned a corner to find a huckleberry bush packed with round, ripe berries. I began to feast my way up the trail, plucking berries from one bush after another. Looking down at my sticky, berry-stained hands, I felt my summer was complete. 

Evelyn: Sometimes a space is just lovely, the order and line, reflections and light. The Largo Community Center is architecturally inviting and a pleasure to look at. All kinds of small design elements to enjoy from a fountain coming off the entrance overhang, to a walkway with a lit stream, and all kinds of colorful tile work. It is one of my favorite placed to dance - the crowd friendly with plenty of space. I love dancing, being moved by hands and energy, different smiles and voices. The light was too low to capture some of the things I wanted, but the bathroom caught my attention, at the end of the night, after most of the crowd had left, as I washed away the sweat and connection of over a dozen different dancers I relished. I am exhausted after 4 hours of dancing, and even the temperature of the water on my hands spoke to the care this venue has taken. Perfect.

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