Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day

Monica: One thing about running a lodge that I don't like: not getting days off. Or holidays. Technically, we're supposed to get two days off a week, plus a paid two-week vacation. The reality is, we're lucky if we get two days off a month. I feel a little guilty complaining, though, considering that I live in such a beautiful place and my office is at the other end of the house. But sometimes, I just want to be "off" from work and that's hard to do when work and home are one and the same. The only time off is when we physically leave the property and go into town, or better yet, take a couple days to visit friends in Petaluma. Tomorrow, we will do just that. I look forward to the brief time away from responsibility.

Evelyn: All I can say to make sense of how the last few weeks have gone is: retrograde. Today was ridiculous—between two glass objects breaking (and Nana's cut foot), and in an effort to install my water filter, finding puddles from a broken garbage disposal, then a leak in the new spigot that resulted in water across the full length of the kitchen counter, the maintenance light on my car making faces at me, broken door hook, my loveseat busting to pieces, and a 4 for 4 record of people leaving from my new job, I am uncertain if I should leave the house. I understand that Mercury will finally be back on its normal routine by September 9th. Meanwhile, we are working on fixing all of it. Pito's a "Pro!"


  1. I could not wait for Mercury to finish the retrograde... so I replaced the garbage disposal, installed the water filter fixing the leak, did not have the tools to diagnose the check engine light (it was normal maintenance?), should have glued the door hook (the one in the bathroom?), and fixed the loveseat with extra longer screws. Had to leave something for next time.

  2. Pito paid the consequences of this famous retrograde period of time we are going through. If one believes that.