Thursday, September 15, 2011

Then & Now

Monica: Amidst the rush and bustle of the day, I take a moment to turn the camera to myself, a visual looking inward. I don't always like what the camera captures. It's hard to see myself as I am and not how I remember myself to be; the bright-eyed, smooth-skinned, world-is-my-oyster 20-something having been replaced by a furrow-browed, heavier & more world-weary 30-something. I think my younger self was more confident and less worried about the choices I needed to make then, but my present self is emotionally stronger, more patient, and more settled.

Evelyn: I have found a new use for some of my old pottery. There was a time, before Justin, when I owned my own throw-wheel, and could use the school district's kiln to fire the stuff I made. My work was amateur, chunky, heavy, and a bit funky. Recently, a piece that was hidden on a kitchen shelf for 10 years in the old house, found its way into my bathroom of the new place, as the holder of all things "stick-like." I see his little face as I paint up my own. Depending on the angle he can look worried, or pleased.  He doesn't talk the same way he used to; his tongue used to stick out, but now the tip has been severed from being shuffled around on a neglected shelf. Regardless, word-less, something about him feels familiar...

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  1. I can see the Holguin gene on my handsome grandson' face.
    Though he is very brite, gentle, charismatic and quiet, he can wrapped you in a fascinating conversation about history. He is passionate about what he learns at school,and I love our rides together because he just open his knowledge and one can just relax and listen.
    I love him so much and feel very proud of him.