Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Evelyn:  My usual Wednesday night at Gulfport. Work so busy I had to take a nap before dancing. Staying until just a few dancers were left I strayed to the archway of the stage to play with my camera and watch from a distance. The last few dancers whose bodies swung energized by footwork, smiles, and connection had the floor to themselves. I think my love of dance, in part, comes from feeling that connection in my own body when I am moved by the lead of another. It is where I can practice trust, and know it in my body.

Monica: Ten years ago at this time, I was staying with my friend Andrew having just returned from two years in China. Andrew was in a great place in his life; he was newly in love with his partner, Trey, his business was doing well, and he was living in one of the most beautiful little towns in California. He was in the midst of searching for a new home when I arrived, so I got to go house-hunting with him. When we walked into this house, it was love at first sight. The next time I visited, he was living in it. Now Andrew & Trey are living in Buenos Aires. They returned to California this month for a visit. Their old home in Point Reyes (which is currently a vacation rental) happened to be available the last week of their stay, so they invited friends to come visit while they were there. I drove down as soon as I could, eager to see my friends, enjoy some good food (Andrew is an amazing cook), and the beauty of the area. It felt like old times, when Trey and Andrew had a steady stream of visitors dropping by, fabulous dinner parties, and the sound of laughter piercing the quiet around the brightly lit house on the hill. I took a moment alone on the upper deck to soak it all up; the light, the laughter, the delicious scents wafting through the house, and my gratitude that I got to be there, a small part of it all.

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