Friday, September 2, 2011


Evelyn: Last week I bumped into the wine section while picking up SweetBay Subs, where I acquired both the "Mad Housewife" and "Middle Sister" wines. Reporting this to Monica, I was quickly informed that I was NOT the middle sister, and I quickly corrected that, yes, I was. I didn't grow up that way—I was always the oldest. Heinz (our half brother) adjusted the birth order almost 3 years ago and I soon after had a bit of a life crisis, trying to determine just where my place was. Anyhow, I was drawn to the brunette on the bottle, the name, and the fact that it was labeled "sweet & sassy." Turned out to be pretty good—just my style—sweet and nowhere near lip-puckering.

Monica: Labor Day weekend begins and so does the beginning of our wedding season this year. I love weddings. I love the different ideas couples come up with for their celebrations. I love the the joy of everyone involved, the colorful details, the bride walking down the aisle toward her beaming groom, the heartfelt vows, the "I do"s, the rings, the kiss. I love the anticipation of the day before, the gathering of friends and family, the final preparations being made before the big day, when everything leading up to the start of the ceremony is a little chaotic behind the scenes.

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