Monday, September 26, 2011

Another Perspective

Evelyn: When I am most worn-out (and Monday, I was entitled to slump on the couch after work in an exhausted coma) it is a bit challenging to feel inspired for a picture. I often find myself using my camera as an eye-piece, evaluating and gazing through the frame of the camera world for inspiration. With an extension tube attached, the depth of field changes dramatically, and then I am viewing the world from just a few inches away, with my spectacle. I never know what I will find, what will intrigue me enough to press my finger on the shutter. Later the images, up on a screen, surprise me... visions I don't see unless I have that camera in my arsenal.

Monica: Just when I get bored with using the same lens all the time, I rediscover another one. Lately, I've been loving my Lensbaby and how it gives an ethereal quality to images. Just another way of seeing things differently, finding the beauty in the mundane.

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