Friday, September 16, 2011

Taking It All In

Evelyn: Date night with my teenager, full of lessons and learning. I let him drive us out of the complex, and was informed that he didn't plan on ever going faster than 30 MPH, and that driving is freaky with all these angry people on the roads (Ah, so he notices a lot!), and that I simply don't pronounce things properly in Japanese, and... We laughed, so much that I told him it was making ME scared to drive because I can't drive when I am cry-laughing hysterically. We devoured Emperor's sushi, Pad Thai, and fried stuffed wings at the absolutely delicious Chang Bistro in Clearwater. Later we walked at least a mile and a half in the dark along the beach, were called effin' zombies by a gaggle of drunken adults, survived a long conversation using an amalgamation of British and southern accents, and returned home with iced coffees and sandy feet. Scrumptious!

Monica: I haven't been down to the beach in weeks. Today I made it a point to walk down there and spend some time sitting on a log soaking up the last warm rays of the late afternoon sun. It felt good to feel my feet sink into the sand, to inhale deeply the fresh salt air, and to listen to the meditative rhythm of the waves rolling into shore.

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  1. How blessed you are having your young son to enjoy those unforgettable moments which you will treasure for the rest of your life. I love his sense of humour and the expressions of his face when he is being the centre of attention. It sounds like a great date to me!
    On the other side of the country, I hear a voice of nostalgia, something that needs to be say, but it is kept inside the "God box". I sense I need to put my arms around that half of my soul and huggggggggggggg and kiss that precious being to let it known that change is possible with action.