Monday, September 12, 2011

What Meets Us

Evelyn: I find my eyes feel weary and shifty at the end of an especially lengthy, time-consuming, one-our drive to and from what I perceive as a campus in a whole other country. Tonight I arrived home just as the sun settled in the trees, a murmur of longing to run off to the beach fluctuating between grumbles of hunger. I knew I would miss the sunset before I got to my preferred sandy stomping ground. I instead took my hazed eyes up to the house, to sort through the bills, and settled my rumbling belly with a local pizza with my teenager.

Monica: Zuzu is the princess of this particular household. She's wary of strangers and generally hides under the bed when she hears unfamiliar footsteps in the house. This last visit was the first time she didn't disappear when we walked in, so we feel privileged to have made it onto her "in" list.

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