Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Monica: This is the picture I've had in my mind's eye when I set out to capture today's word—Michael wrapping me in his arms. This is how I feel being married to him: treasured, protected, nurtured, and deeply loved. At night we sleep like cats, cocooned in the warmth of our bed, and the comfort of it recharges me. In all my purpose-seeking ventures, it never crossed my mind that maybe this is it—my purpose—to love and to be loved. 

(Monica sent me a Horizontal on a Vertical day—but the picture was too precious to not use—so today, we wrap up—outside the boundaries of our usual wrappers.)

Evelyn:  Things in life are much like a fortune cookiewrapped in layers that take some time and attention to truly appreciate.  I am a guarded un-wrapper—I carefully tear away the plastic cover, stare a moment at the small crunchy cookie, contemplate what little gift I might find inside, then break the cookie deliberately so I can greet each morsel with tender appreciation—and finally I luxuriate with the small message of truth folded within. Others are more violent in their efforts, squeezing until the wrapper POPS or smashing it into a fragmented pile of cookie dust just to retrieve the message. I, however, love the curiosity that rides my experience with fortune cookies, the eagerness to reveal what is hidden under the layers and folds, and the final contemplation of the wondrous coincidence of the message: "Life always gets harder near the summit."

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