Thursday, March 3, 2011


Monica: Have you ever spent a chunk of time sitting still watching a banana slug go about its day? It's quite impressive. Those two tentacles on the top of its head are its "optical feelers" (i.e., eyes).  I watched this little guy turn a tentacle in my direction as I came near. When I got too close, he cowered beneath a blade of grass, retracting his tentacles into his head. He then tentatively extended them again to see if I was still there, decided it was safe enough, and crept along on a sticky trail of mucus towards better cover. It was fascinating to get really close and watch how he moves and molds himself to whatever surface he happens to be in contact with. Even though banana slugs are cannibalistic hermaphrodites that poop on their own heads, they're still kind of cute.

Evelyn: There has been a sticky situation under the Instructor's Workstation in room 215A since this side of the building was built up and the classrooms arranged. I accidentally discovered it with my knee the first time, and seeing that it is on the "corner of balance" where I often rest my hand when getting up or pushing away from the table, I have gotten caught on its tackiness more than once. I see I am not the only one whose fingers have crossed the path of stick... a piece of what looks like the American Flag and a corner of a Snickers wrapper have been tactfully pressed into the glob to remedy the problem... I find it ironic that the USA is yet again manacled to a sticky situation.

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