Sunday, March 6, 2011


Evelyn: Sometimes a love note comes at just the right moment, after a long P3 weekend, full of compassion and giving, and ongoing energy. I had discovered that one of my text messages hadn't been delivered last week, and I sent it anyway... not expecting a reply. Yet, it felt good, just to connect quickly, and to have the love reciprocated - showing up as a caller on my phone (one of the features I have come to enjoy) - a brisk message acknowledging and loving me right back. It is a little love note, a thought of a hug, that slurps up the miles in my mind.

Monica:  Today was a day of drizzling rain, reading by the fire, and phone calls to family & friends. A day to get grounded and reconnected. I've noticed how in spite of the numerous and instantaneous media available for communication, I am less connected with loved ones than I was ten years ago. I haven't written a long, thoughtful letter in years. Frequent, brief e-mails have replaced occasional, hours-long phone calls. I got off the phone today feeling recharged by the sweet sounds of laughter, encouragement, plans being made, and thoughts shared.

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  1. Monica called me, and Michael said it was time for her to get off the phone so she could talk to him. I said she did not have to end our call and that Michael did not have a phone, so she could not talk to him anyhow.