Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Monica: I visited the lighthouse today and caught the first wild irises and a lone heron stalking some invisible prey on the bluff. I loved watching how still and focused she became just before spearing her food, the epitome of grace in her frozen pose. Here she looks like she's enjoying the view, or perhaps trying to get a glimpse of the whales that are heading north with their calves.

Evelyn: Adventuring with a friend this evening, celebrating his 29th, filling our wells with Lemon Drops, New England Iced Tea, juicy Turkey Burgers, a charming movie, and some very cheap bowling. It was a spectacular shift for my day, one that started out emotional, with monkey mindfulness moving in and out of bands of peacefulness. Replaced by pleasant company, chatter that expanded all aspects of life, and warm connections, playful and easy. Sometimes I wonder if I should wear bowling shoes more often...

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like a great idea. And what about wearing some rollerskates,too? I cannot forget how your body dances in gracefulness and gentleness. You are like a swam in its lake courting its mate.
    You, the floor and the music are one. So get with it! Te amo hija mia.
    Oh, those toes, they testified your are your father' s daughter.