Friday, March 11, 2011


Monica: It's official: allergy season has begun. I knew it was inevitable the moment I smelled the sweet fragrance of hyacinths in the air last week. With the bright budding colors of spring comes a healthy dose of suffering: itchy eyes, scratchy throat, sneezing and stuffed up sinuses. I naively thought maybe I'd built up some kind of tolerance—or maybe it wouldn't begin just yet—as I stooped to dig my nose into flowers and photograph them. I am amazed when I see that the heart of a calendula is just another set of tiny flowers waiting to bloom and offer up their sweet pollen to the wind and insects and my startled immune system.

Evelyn: Digging into boxes, into the wrappings of my being, into a bag of Terra Chips…and finding comfort and play in the process—finding that we are much like the marvelous colors tumbling in that bag, each morsel a frolicking explosion of sentiment and flavor. Munching and unpacking, digging deep into boxes to retrieve the kitchen…laughing, drinking homespun wine, eating chips, and infusing the late afternoon with our lively energy.

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  1. Call toll free number before digging.
    If I have seen farther than others, it is because I was standing on the shoulders of giants.
    -- Isaac Newton

    In the sciences, we are now uniquely privleged to sit side by side with the giants on whose shoulders we stand.
    -- Gerald Holton

    If I have not seen as far as others, it is because giants were standing on my shoulders.
    -- Hal Abelson

    Mathematicians stand on each other's shoulders.
    -- Gauss

    Mathematicians stand on each other's shoulders while computer scientists stand on each other's toes.
    -- Richard Hamming

    It has been said that physicists stand on one another's shoulders. If this is the case, then programmers stand on one another's toes, and software engineers dig each other's graves.
    -- Unknown