Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Evelyn: Today's word for me is really gratitude - as I have just wrapped up an evening of remarkable support and connection with friends. I usually have pizza grading parties, and when final project week comes barreling down my life I have a small group of friends (officially now my Teacher Assistants) who come to my rescue and blast through the drab mindless processes of checking "project binders" for completed work. I am deeply grateful for their time and efficiency. The only way I know to pay them is to offer up pizza, and at the end of one of these nights, with piles of projects nearly complete, the pizza almost entirely devoured, there are morsels of eaten crusts and remnant crumbs that remind me of the energy that sat with me, like a whirlwind. Kinda reminds me of Thing 1, Thing 2, and Thing 3 at the close of Seuss's Cat in the Hat!

Monica: Tomorrow is Thursday—the night of Michael's book group and my first belly dance class in nearly two years. It's also our fourth wedding anniversary. I realized this morning that we made two sets of plans for the same night: one to celebrate together and another to study something on our own. That wasn't quite going to work. We were free tonight, so decided to celebrate early. We made a reservation for a hot tub, then promptly headed to dinner at Mendo Bistro where we indulged in a feast of steaks & wine, with candy cap creme brulee and lava cake for dessert. We savored our meal and the memories of four years ago today—the eve of our wedding—when I was staying up late with my sister and girlfriends in a hotel room and Michael was home alone enjoying his last night of cable TV.

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