Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wings & Winds of Change

Monica: On my last several walks, I've come across a black cormorant stretching his wings on a rock just off the coast. I can't tell if he's basking in the misty spray of crashing waves, or drying his wings, or doing some kind of cormorant yoga. He looks like he's ready to take flight, to leap off the safe edge of the rock into the unknown of the wind. I'm feeling ready to do the same. 

Evelyn: I was chatting with a student after class, one that attended my Creative Soulcare Classes before attending my college classes, so he has a much different level of awareness of my process than most students, and he reminded me that birds fly with the currents, not against them, and only then do they truly fly, soar, and achieve profound heights. The clouds tonight on my drive back to the college were eerie, shifted, and I watched as a cold front literally ate up the sky... and in that kind of weather there are always strong currents... and in those currents I intend to fly - moving with grace with the flow rather than against it. My pictures made perfect sense after our little chat... and the reminder a wondrous one!

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