Thursday, January 13, 2011


Evelyn: In the brittle, dragging, frostbitten dullness of Florida's dry landscape, I couldn't help to appreciate a squat bouquet of flowers growing from a crevice in an untrimmed palm tree in the parking lot at school. Low to the ground, almost out of view, they were stretched towards the sun, like a child towards a parent, despite the wind-plucked petals and brisk cold air. How can one not appreciate sunlight...

Monica: Elvis, a resident cat at Orr Hot Springs, looked to me like the epitome of appreciation this morning as he lay on the back of the couch, hugging it in a pose of pure relaxation. That's how I felt after soaking in the hot springs for a few hours and a good night's sleep in a luxurious bed.

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  1. Now, wait a minute where is that Orr Hot Springs?
    That is not fair. I believe that we, three of us girls should do that together. We have not done something fun together since you girls were younger, I mean, play together like when Monica and I went on the adventure to Carlsbad cave expedition and almost got trapped in the snow. Now that cat looks like Thurber!.