Sunday, January 16, 2011

Gathering & Crowded

*The word for today was Gathering but Evelyn had a brain fart and sent me her picture with the word Crowded. So in the spirit of appreciating the beauty of different, we have two words.

Monica: I'm loving my new 60mm macro lens and how it allows me to see things I might not otherwise see: a tiny spotted ladybug gathering her breakfast from what's left of a dried-out flower.

Evelyn: Sometimes it is a little crowded, working in this space, on such big things. Making my mind live fully, in just the area I share with others in this world, and yet, living full in this crowded space inspires movement in all of us. I love my artist dates with friends, piled high with their supplies and canvases, coffee drinking and chatter-washed, laughter and insights dancing among the brushes and colors. Sometimes when I am crowded I feel connected.

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